3D Hunting™ 2016

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Truly Amazing Graphics, Great Hunting Action, Awesome Weapons!
FPS Action Shooter 3D Hunting 2016 takes you on a hunting trip that you will never forget. Go hunting in in the wilderness of Alaska,Canada and Africa!
Featured in 28 Countries!
Hunt with with dozens of weapons!
Hunt anything from Deer to Mountain Lions to Wild Boars and other fierce creatures.
>From Hunter to Hero!<
Discover a deep story and – if you choose to accept the mission – ready yourself for battles beyond your darkest fears! As the story unfolds, your alliances challenge you to either save lives or let the looming mysteries lie…
Much more than a hunting – if you accept the challenge!

From the makers of 3D Hunting: Alaskan Hunt, 3D Hunting: Trophy Whitetail, Duke Nukem Mobile and Prey Mobile!