Fantasy Hunt: Gloomy Nights Game Info

Hunt for monsters in Fantasy Hunt: Gloomy Nights a fun shooting and hunting game in a spooky setting. Hunt down all the evil monsters, which are spreading in your dreams, prepare you some nightmares. Choose your favourite level, if it's unlocked, and shoot down all the enemies. Make combos, headshots and double or multi kills for more points. The score increases with the distance of the enemies and your current combo points. This game includes: - 3 levels / locations. - 3 game depths for enemies and obstacles. (without stage 3d) - 10 animated base enemies per level. - 3 enemy types. - 2 random ghost skins. - 2 random zombie skins. - 3 random dragon/bat skins. - 2 minutes for each round. - 4 ways to kill enemies and get points. (normal kill, headshot kill, double kill, multi kill) - 1 leaderboard for all 3 levels. (you have the same chance on each level, to get a new high score) - 1 level is dominated by zombies. (#1 - mainly walking enemies) - 1 level is mixed between all enemies. (#2 - well balanced between walking and flying enemies) - 1 level is dominated by ghosts and dragon-bats. (#3 - mainly flying enemies)    

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