Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death Game Info

Sydney Hunter and the Caverns of Death is a remake of the original retro style hunting adventure platform game for the Nintendo NES and SNES. In this game you have to guide Sydney Hunter through the fiery caverns of death. Armed only with his trusty boomerang, Sydney must fight bats, battle ghosts, and escape the ever rising lava through 10 exciting and increasingly challenging levels filled with danger! Use your boomerang to fend off baddies, seek out the treasures to open up the caverns so you can escape. To skip to the later levels: at the title screen type "one million dollars"  You will then hear a confirmation sound.  Next press any key 1 through 0 to select a level (0 is rd 10)  or type end to jump to the ending.

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  • SuperWario

    i remember this game from the Nintendo NES, good times…


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